Engineering Services and Capabilities

Unique engineering solutions to meet your needs.
  • Product Design & Prototyping
    Do you need to turn your napkin sketch into a detailed engineering drawing?
    If you have a new project in need of development, or an existing product in need of improvement, Ransford Engineering is here to help. Our services include drafting designs in CAD software, producing detailed manufacturing prints, specifications, and prototype design to ensure the product meets your expectations.
  • Jigs and Fixtures
    Do you need repeatability and automation for your manufactured products?
    We can design a custom solution jig or fixture for whatever your manufacturing process needs. Whether you need interchangeable clamping solutions, improved accuracy, a more repeatable process, Go-NoGo inspection gauges, or increased throughput with your existing labor force, we can work with you to find a solution.
  • Steel Fabrication Design
    It takes incredible attention to all the details: dimensions, aesthetics, tolerances, part sourcing, and more…
    And we care about the details! We also share your love of man’s greatest building material, but most importantly, we have the necessary expertise to design for it. We create unique plans from your unique ideas, all while caring for the details.
  • FEA Stress Analysis
    Looking for quicker, more accurate product development?
    With Finite Element Analysis, we can quickly test your products in the computer, reducing the need for physical products and destructive testing. We help you to “fail faster” and lower risk to bring you a finished product in less time.

Modern Engineering For Your Business

Rapid Prototyping

At Ransford Engineering, we strive for efficiency. We can bring your products to life with our in-house 3D printing software and devices.

Mechanical Engineering Design

When you reach an engineering obstacle that you can’t find your way around, let Ransford Engineering build a solution for you.

Ransford Engineering's custom-designed below-the-hook lift fixture. The fixture is attached securely to the oil and gas silo, ready for the engineered lift.
Custom Lift Fixture Design

We have experience with ASME B30.20-2006 Below-the- hook Lifting Devices (Safety), B30.26-2010 Rigging Hardware, BTH-1-2011 Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.

Welding and fabrication assembly drawing of an oil and gas wellhead burner
Design for Machining and Fabrication

We understand the costs of manufacturing. That’s why Ransford Engineering specifically designs products that keep material costs low and speed up the manufacturing process. Our drawing packages are also meticulously checked to reduce manufacturing errors.

Change Control Management

Any facet of engineering is accompanied by revisions, edits, and specific documentation. At Ransford Engineering, we diligently organize documents, parts, and drawings during the design review process so that all parties have the most recent assets.

Intricate engineering calculations for stress analysis and lift feasibility.
Risk Mitigation

All new opportunities are accompanied by great risk. Our job at Ransford Engineering is to identify new risks, track them, and provide solutions to reduce them. This is a service that we provide for our customers, but also use in our internal processes.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Although Ransford Engineering is a design firm, we are always thinking about the manufacturing process. All drawing packages include precise dimensions and variations that are easy for the manufacturer to understand.

CAD Modeling and Drafting

We excel at CAD Drafting, Technical Drawing, and 2D Design. Our expert CAD Designers deliver high-quality, functional designs tailored to your project needs. From aerospace to oil & gas, our project portfolio showcases our diverse capabilities.

  • Creation of Detailed Work Instructions

  • Design of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fitting and Connections

  • Development of Quality Inspection Plans

  • Fluid Dynamics and Calculations

  • Detailed Design Specifications Writing for Welding, Painting, Cleaning, etc.