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United Airlines needed a dedicated, adjustable work platform to do routine maintenance on the landing gear of their 787 Dreamliners, and Ransford Engineering designed a completely customized solution. Consulting directly with the aircraft mechanics themselves, we took the time to discover their exact needs and fully understand the problems they were facing…

Within 3 days we were able to perform realistic stress analysis on a street grate to determine if it was strong enough to support the expected loads. We made a few recommended changes to beef up the grate in a couple places which was able to cut out weeks from an already tight schedule and eliminate the need to build expensive prototype units…

Retro-fit of an existing product line for outdoor use (IP66/67, MIL-STD-810G). Rigorously tested, these boxes are water, dust, and shock proof. We worked with our customer to minimize cost and used rapid prototyping techniques to quickly develop this unit…


  • Product Design & Prototyping
    Do you need to turn your napkin sketch into a detailed engineering drawing?

    If you have a new project in need of development, or an existing product in need of improvement, Ransford Engineering is here to help. Our services include drafting designs in CAD software, producing detailed manufacturing prints, specifications, and prototype design to ensure the product meets your expectations.

  • Jigs and Fixtures
    Do you need repeatability and automation for your manufactured products?

    We can design a custom solution jig or fixture for whatever your manufacturing process needs. Whether you need interchangeable clamping solutions, improved accuracy, a more repeatable process, Go-NoGo inspection gauges, or increased throughput with your existing labor force, we can work with you to find a solution.

  • Steel Fabrication Design
    It takes incredible attention to all the details: dimensions, aesthetics, tolerances, part sourcing, and more…

    And we care about the details! We also share your love of man’s greatest building material, but most importantly, we have the necessary expertise to design for it. We create unique plans from your unique ideas, all while caring for the details.

  • FEA Stress Analysis
    Looking for quicker, more accurate product development?

    With Finite Element Analysis, we can quickly test your products in the computer, reducing the need for physical products and destructive testing. We help you to “fail faster” and lower risk to bring you a finished product in less time.

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Ransford Engineering

At Ransford Engineering, we settle for nothing less than first-rate mechanical design. We have an eagerness to find solutions to engineering enigmas and a passion to bring the future into fruition. For every project our company executes, we have a high standard of quality, cost effectiveness, and time efficiency. From technical drawings to fixture design to stress analysis, and everything in between, Ransford Engineering prides itself on providing unconventional solutions and accuracy from the beginning. Our team is composed of organized, detail-oriented critical thinkers who look beyond the short-term in hopes of providing custom solutions to your problems.