A close-up of a mechanical component designed by Ransford Engineering for lean engineering optimization.


Welcome to Ransford Engineering, where we combine expertise in mechanical engineering with a commitment to lean processes and exceptional project outcomes. Whether you’re facing complex challenges in product development or need engineering analysis for your structural parts, our team is equipped to deliver.

Our Expertise Highlighted:

At Ransford Engineering, we specialize in Mechanical Engineering Projects that are designed to meet your specific needs efficiently and effectively. Our approach is rooted in Lean Engineering principles, ensuring that every project is optimized for both time and cost without compromising on quality.

Services and Capabilities:

  1. Engineering Services: We offer comprehensive services from project inception to completion, ensuring every phase is handled with precision.
  2. Mechanical Engineering Design: Our designs are not only efficient but innovatively tailored to meet the unique demands of your projects.
  3. Structural Analysis: We use Solidworks Simulation FEA and engineering calculations to guarantee that your products and parts are safe, reliable, and optimized for performance.
  4. Performance Engineering: We ensure that all engineering solutions achieve the highest performance standards, reducing risks and enhancing efficiency.
  5. Engineering Project Management: Our detailed project management strategies keep your projects on track, with clear milestones and success metrics.

Featured Projects:

Modular Housing Stands

Engineers at Ransford Engineering conducting a prototype design review for a new mechanical device.

We supported another local design firm to perform iterative computational analysis of an easy to transport stand for modular houses. Repeatedly tweaking the design and running the analyses, we were able to quickly design a stand that supported the loads they required without the need for expensive retooling.

Custom IP Rated Electrical Enclosures

Safety and efficiency are paramount in aerospace maintenance, and our expertise in custom designs ensures the best solutions. We conceptualized and designed a custom scissor lift work platform for maintenance functions on Boeing 787 landing gear. The platform increased safety measures, streamlined maintenance tasks, and allowed our client to work more efficiently.

Oil and Gas Silo Lift Plan

Ransford Engineering's custom-designed below-the-hook lift fixture. The fixture is attached securely to the oil and gas silo, ready for the engineered lift.

We designed a custom lift fixture design and execution strategy for a 36 ft tall, 120,000 lb. oil and gas silo.

Wind Turbine Component Redesign

A micro wind-turbine company hired us to redesign the mechanical components inside their nacelle and lay out the electrical PCB and wire routing. We completely redesigned the slip ring components to extend the life of the product and also assisted them with water-proofing design changes that helped to prevent corrosion in harsh environments.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

“John and his team at Ransford Engineering are always professional and deliver on time. A pleasure to work with.”

– Ken Kotalik, Ryse Energy

“Exceptional development and production of a Surgical Simulator by Ransford. Highly recommend their services.”

– Ray White, Surgix Medical Technologies

“We have worked with Ransford Engineering on multiple large projects, and they have always exceeded our expectations. They will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is done correctly. We look forward to our next project with Ransford, and I highly suggest you give them a shot as well.”

– Andrew Barnes, CALE Engineering

Example Applications of Our Diverse Engineering Services

At Ransford Engineering, our expertise extends across various sectors and project types, showcasing our ability to adapt and innovate regardless of the challenge. Below are some example projects that might benefit significantly from our comprehensive range of services:

  1. Aerospace Component Design – Mechanical engineering design for lightweight, high-strength aerospace components.
  2. Automotive Suspension Systems – Structural analysis and performance engineering for advanced vehicle suspension systems.
  3. Factory Automation Systems – Mechanical engineering design and lean engineering to streamline production processes.
  4. Green Energy Solutions – Designing components for solar panels and wind turbines, emphasizing lean engineering to maximize efficiency.
  5. High-Speed Rail Projects – Engineering services for the design and construction of high-speed rail systems, including detailed project management.
  6. Industrial Robotics – Development of custom robotic solutions for manufacturing applications, requiring precise mechanical engineering and performance assessments.
  7. Medical Device Development – Mechanical engineering design and performance engineering for innovative medical devices.
  8. Sports Equipment Design – Design and testing of high-performance sports equipment using advanced engineering techniques.
  9. Telecommunications Equipment – Engineering robust telecommunications components, such as antennas and satellite dishes.
  10. Water Conservation Systems – Designing systems to reduce water use in industrial settings, utilizing lean engineering principles.
  11. Military Training and Spec Ops Products – Mechanical engineering projects that require design for highly specialized military training or Spec Ops activities.
  12. High Volume Consumer Products – Utilization of lean manufacturing principles to design production fixtures and jigs that increase speed, improve safety, and help reduce waste due to rework or scrap.

Each of these projects represents an opportunity for Ransford Engineering to apply its expertise in mechanical engineering design, structural analysis, performance engineering, and project management to your projects. Whether enhancing safety, improving efficiency, or driving innovation, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed the demands of modern engineering challenges.

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