Welding and fabrication assembly drawing of an oil and gas wellhead burner

Welcome to Ransford Engineering – Your Trusted Partner for Metal Fabrication Design

Are you in need of innovative and reliable metal fabrication solutions? Look no further! Ransford Engineering is a small but mighty mechanical engineering design firm, specializing in exceptional metal fabrication design services. With a team of experienced professionals using Solidworks 3D design software, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch custom solutions that can bring your projects to life.

Unleash Your Creativity with Ransford Engineering

At Ransford Engineering, we embrace challenges and thrive on custom projects. Our passion for innovation, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to deliver solutions that surpass industry standards. We don’t settle for the ordinary; we excel in the extraordinary.

With our dedication to custom, specialized, unique, and one-off designs, we enjoy tackling projects that push the boundaries of creativity. We are not your average engineering firm; we are the architects of exceptional solutions.

Our Services

At Ransford Engineering, we are committed to providing a wide array of services to cater to your steel fabrication design requirements. Our team of experts offers a seamless process from conceptualization to completion, ensuring that your projects are brought to life with precision and creativity. Here are a few of the many services we offer:

Decorative residential steel bridge design
  1. Design Conceptualization: Our team excels at taking your ideas and turning them into tangible concepts. We work closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered.
  2. 3D Renderings: Visualize your project before it’s even built with our realistic 3D renderings. These lifelike representations allow you to get a clear picture of the final product, making any necessary adjustments in the early stages.
  3. 3D Modeling: With the cutting-edge 3D modeling software Solidworks, we create accurate digital representations of your designs. This helps us identify potential issues and streamline the fabrication process.
  4. Detailed Piece Part Drawings: We provide comprehensive and detailed piece part drawings, showcasing every aspect of the fabrication design. These drawings serve as a roadmap for precise manufacturing.
  5. Weldment Drawings: Our weldment drawings ensure that welding and assembly processes are carried out according to detailed instructions. This guarantees structural integrity and efficient, repeatable production.
  6. Stress Analysis: Our stress analysis services ensure that your designs can withstand real-world conditions. By simulating various scenarios, we optimize your project’s performance and durability.
  7. Engineering Calculations: Our team of skilled engineers performs thorough calculations to ensure safety and efficiency. From load-bearing capacities to material properties, we can help you optimize your designs.
  8. Flat Pattern Files for Plasma and Laser Cutting: We provide sheet-metal flat pattern files, ideal for plasma and laser cutting processes. This ensures accurate and efficient fabrication, saving both time and resources.
  9. Skid Design: Ransford Engineering offers skid design services for projects requiring a stable base or foundation. Our expertise ensures that your equipment or machinery is mounted securely for optimum functionality and easy transportation by forklift, winch, or crane.
  10. Welding Engineering: Our welding engineering services guarantee that the welding processes used in your project meet industry standards.
  11. Sheet Metal Designs: Our designers are experienced in creating bends, cuts, and folds needed for decorative panels, electrical enclosures, or other complex sheet metal parts.

Projects That Showcase Our Skills

Spiral Staircase Design

Solidworks rendering of a bespoke metal fabrication project

One of our recent projects involved designing and drafting shop drawings for a stunning spiral staircase. Our client lacked the expertise to create detailed 3D models and shop drawings, and that’s where we stepped in. With our technical prowess and creativity, we brought their helical staircase vision to life.

Custom Boeing 787 Maintenance Platform

fabrication team crafting innovative Boeing 787 maintenance platform

Safety and efficiency are paramount in aerospace maintenance, and our expertise in custom designs ensures the best solutions. We conceptualized and designed a custom scissor lift work platform for maintenance functions on Boeing 787 landing gear. The platform increased safety measures, streamlined maintenance tasks, and allowed our client to work more efficiently.

Custom ASME Below the Hook Lift Fixture

Ransford Engineering's custom-designed below-the-hook lift fixture. The fixture is attached securely to the oil and gas silo, ready for the engineered lift.

In one of our most challenging projects, Ransford Engineering took on the task of designing a custom lift fixture capable of lifting a massive 120,000 lb oil and gas silo. Through meticulous engineering calculations and advanced 3D modeling, we designed and validated the fixture according to ASME standards. Our client, a local fabrication shop, executed the design with precision, resulting in a robust and reliable fixture.

Invention Brought to Market

Sheet metal design of a reliable truck bed step

Partnering with a local inventor, we refined the design of The FlipStep, a truck tailgate step. With our expertise in welding and assembly, we made the product more cost-effective, reliable, and easier to manufacture. Detailed welding drawings were created to ensure the fabrication design met all specifications.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

“We are always 100% pleased with John Marshall and Ransford Engineering. Make sure to give them a call for any of your engineering needs!”

– Michael Bernard, Bernie’s Welding & Custom Fabrication

“We have worked with Ransford Engineering on multiple large projects, and they have always exceeded our expectations. They will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is done correctly. We look forward to our next project with Ransford, and I highly suggest you give them a shot as well.”

– Andrew Barnes, CALE Engineering

Example Projects Requiring Metal Fabrication Design

  1. Piping Skid Design: Custom-designed skids that support and house various components of a piping system. Skids ensure ease of installation and transportation.
  2. Steel Frames: Precisely engineered steel frames for structures, equipment, machinery, or architectural applications.
  3. Trailer Design: Tailored trailer designs to meet specific transport and load needs.
  4. Metering Bins: Specialized bins used for measuring and storing materials in industrial processes or manufacturing.
  5. Work Platforms: Safe and sturdy platforms designed for workers to access elevated areas during construction, maintenance, or assembly.
  6. Storage Racks: Custom racks designed to optimize storage space and organize materials.
  7. Custom Electrical Equipment Enclosures: Enclosures designed to protect sensitive equipment from environmental factors such as water and dust, and to provide controlled environments for hot or cold operations.
  8. Material Handling Equipment: Custom-designed equipment such as lifters, hoists, and cranes for safe and efficient material handling operations.
  9. Machine Frames and Housings: Engineered frames to support machinery components for various industrial applications.
  10. Test Fixtures: Specialized frames or assemblies designed to perform evaluations for loading, deflection, or stress analysis.
  11. Safety Guards and Enclosures: Protective barriers and enclosures designed to enhance workplace safety and protect workers from potential hazards.
  12. Custom Furniture: Bespoke metal furniture designed to meet one-of-a-kind or production level design and functionality requirements.
  13. Custom Art Installations: One-of-a-kind metal art installations for public spaces, exhibitions, and private collections.

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