Ransford Engineering project display featuring CAD Drafting and Assembly Drawings


When you’re facing complex engineering challenges, you need more than just a CAD Drafter; you need a comprehensive engineering solution that brings precision, innovation, and reliability to the table. That’s where Ransford Engineering shines. Our team of skilled professionals ensures you not only meet but exceed the stringent industry standards that define excellence.

Why Choose Ransford Engineering?

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals specializing in various facets of engineering.
  2. Precision: Our work reflects our commitment to delivering the most accurate Shop Drawings and Technical Drawings.
  3. Innovation: We combine the latest software and methodologies to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Customer Testimonials

John and his Team are great to work with and always professional.

— Ken Kotalik, Ryse Energy

We have worked with Ransford Engineering on multiple large projects and they have always exceeded our expectations…

— Andrew Barnes, CALE Engineering

Our Portfolio: A Sample of Some Our Engineering Projects

  1. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Maintenance Platform: Created a custom, scissor-lift work platform designed to facilitate the complex maintenance procedures of Boeing 787’s landing gear.
  2. Radio Communications Power Equipment: Detailed assembly and piece part drawings for an entire product line including rugged POE switches, ethernet power injectors, and lightning suppressors.
  3. Oil & Gas Well-Head Burner: Engineered and drafted fabrication drawings for efficient and repeatable oil and gas well-head burners.
  4. Micro-Wind Turbine: Executed internal component modifications aimed at ease of manufacture and enhanced reliability.
  5. Pipe-End Inspection Machine: Conceived and developed a machine capable of performing intricate measurements on pipe end threads with stringent requirements.

Our Services and Capabilities

At Ransford Engineering, we offer a suite of services tailored to meet diverse engineering needs. Here’s a closer look at a few of our highlighted services:

CAD Drafting

What It Is: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Drafting involves using specialized software to create precise 2D or 3D models. We use the industry standard for mechanical drawings, Solidworks. These models serve as the foundation for manufacturing or construction.

Who Needs It: Industries ranging from aerospace, oil and gas, renewable energy, and everything in between.

Example of CAD Drafting for a complex heavy lifting component.

2D Drawing

What It Is: A 2D drawing is a flat representation providing comprehensive details like dimensions, materials, and procedures.

Who Needs It: Anyone who is in the phases of conceptualization, manufacturing, or assembly.

2D Design

What It Is: 2D Design focuses more on the conceptual phase, laying out the basic structure and elements that will later be fleshed out in detailed drawings.

Who Needs It: Ideal for initial stages of product development where quick visualization is essential.

2D DXF and DWG Files

What It Is: Think of these as the pattern that can be used to cut parts into specific shapes. Often used in laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, CNC routers, and other 2D cutting machines that need a line drawing to follow.

Finalized concept renderings of a work platform

3D Product Rendering

What It Is: This service brings your 2D drawings to life by creating photorealistic 3D models. These renderings help stakeholders visualize the finished product before it’s made.

SolidWorks eDrawings

What It Is: Using SolidWorks software, we produce eDrawings—a richly interactive, multi-dimensional format that allows for easy sharing and interpretation of design data.

Drafting Services

What It Is: This encompasses a range of drafting needs, from simple sketches to complex assembly drafts, provided to assist across various stages of project development.

Technical Drawings

What It Is: These are detailed, specialized drawings that go beyond general assembly to include specific information like tolerances, surface finish, and material specifications.

Ransford Engineering project display featuring CAD Drafting and Technical Drawing samples.

As-Built Drawings

What It Is: Created after the completion of a project, these drawings reflect all the changes made during construction or manufacturing, offering an exact replica of the finished product or system.

Working Drawings

What It Is: A subset of technical drawings, these are designed for on-the-ground use during the manufacturing or construction process, containing all the details necessary for fabrication.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

What It Is: This is a system for defining and communicating engineering tolerances. By using symbolic language on engineering drawings and CAD models, GD&T offers a standardized design approach to minimize part assembly interferences and improve production consistency.

Electrical Wiring Diagrams and Wire Harness Detail Drawings

What It Is: These are line drawings that describe how electrical components are connected with each other, including the necessary wire gauges and other details necessary for building complex electrical systems. We can also make detailed visual drawings of custom wire harnesses built by cable manufacturers in large production runs.

Example Projects That Might Require Drafting

These project ideas serve to illustrate the breadth of services Ransford Engineering can offer across different sectors, enhancing our potential to serve a diverse clientele.

Showcase of Technical Drawings created by Ransford Engineering.
  1. Solar Panel Mounting Structure: Designing a mounting system for solar panels to be installed on a variety of roof types.
  2. Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Design drafts for a public or private EV charging station, including structural and electrical components.
  3. Aerospace Components: Detailed drafts for components within aerospace technology, focusing on lightweight yet robust materials.
  4. Oil Rig Platform Components: Designing and drafting oil extraction rig equipment and parts with a focus on stability, safety, and efficiency.
  5. Custom Furniture Design: Drafting for specialized furniture such as ergonomic office chairs or adjustable desks.
  6. Medical Imaging Equipment: specialized 2D and 3D drafts for complex medical device pieces like MRI machines, CT scanners, or X-ray equipment.
  7. Pedestrian Bridge: Designing a pedestrian bridge to span a river or road, with a focus on aesthetics as well as structural integrity.
  8. Pressure Vessel for Chemical Plants: Detailed drawings for pressure vessels used in chemical or petrochemical plants.
  9. Greenhouse Structures: Drafting designs for commercial or private greenhouses with optimized space for various types of plant cultivation.
  10. 3D Printed Part Design: Drafting for components intended for 3D printing, focusing on optimizing the design for material efficiency and functional integrity.
  11. Custom Machine Design Components: Drafts for custom elements in specialized machinery, whether for manufacturing, packaging, or other applications.
  12. Electrical Enclosures: Designing secure, weather-resistant enclosures for electrical systems and components, compliant with industry safety standards.
  13. Agriculture Machinery Components: Drafting specialized parts for tractors, plows, and other agricultural machinery.
  14. Street Grating: Designing grates for urban drainage systems that can withstand heavy traffic and varying weather conditions.
  15. Railway Systems: Creating drafts for train rail signal systems or specialized train cars.
  16. Mining Equipment: Drafting designs for rugged, durable mining equipment like drilling rigs and ore conveyors.
  17. Recreational Equipment: Creating drafts for outdoor or indoor recreational equipment like playground structures, gym equipment, or even skatepark rails.
  18. Custom Mounting Plates: 2D DXF files used to plasma cut or laser cut your parts to a specific shape for mounting your parts exactly where you want them.
A preliminary design concept sketch of the scissor mechanism, one of the many concepts that were considered for the custom design.

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