Engineering Marvel: Custom ASME Below-The-Hook Lift Plan for a Massive Oil and Gas Silo
The oil and gas silo in the process of being carefully laid on its side, supported by the engineered below-the-hook lift fixture.
Silo Laydown Lift In Process


In the realm of mechanical engineering, few projects stand as a testament to technical expertise quite like the collaboration between Ransford Engineering and Springs Fabrication. Tasked with designing a custom below-the-hook lift fixture for a 120,000 pound oil and gas silo, Ransford Engineering showcased their prowess in the realm of engineered lifts and stress analysis. This exceptional project demanded meticulous calculations and precise design work to ensure a successful lift while overcoming various challenges. In this blog post, we delve into the intricate details of this engineering project and the services offered by Ransford Engineering.

Understanding the Project:

The project presented a unique challenge – to lay down a massive 18-foot diameter, 36-foot tall oil and gas silo for shipping purposes. This required a custom below-the-hook lift fixture that would facilitate the lift using two cranes: one top crane and one tailing crane. However, a significant constraint was that both cranes needed to fit within the confines of Springs Fabrication’s building, adding an extra layer of complexity to the engineering process.

Engineering Calculations:

Ransford Engineering’s role was pivotal in the successful execution of this project. Armed with technical expertise, we conducted extensive engineering calculations to ensure the lift fixture’s strength and stability. We gathered measurements of the existing silo and determined its center of gravity, vital information for designing a custom fixture that would safely attach to the silo. The stress analysis proved to be a paramount consideration, as the fixture needed to withstand varying angles during the turning process, ranging from 90 degrees to 0 degrees.

Intricate engineering calculations for stress analysis and lift feasibility.
Engineering Calculations

Designing the Custom Fixture:

With precise engineering calculations as their foundation, Ransford Engineering’s team embarked on the design phase. The custom below-the-hook lift fixture was tailored to meet the unique requirements of the project. The engineers considered the weight of the silo and the forces exerted during the lift, ensuring the fixture could safely support the load throughout the process. Attention to detail was paramount, especially when analyzing every angle of the turn, validating the stress analysis at 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 0 degrees, and everything in between.

Collaboration with Springs Fabrication:

The partnership between Ransford Engineering and Springs Fabrication exemplifies the power of collaboration in engineering projects. Springs Fabrication provided detailed drawings of the silo, along with weight estimates, allowing Ransford Engineering to work with precise data. As experts in welding and manufacturing, Springs Fabrication played a crucial role in hiring a qualified contractor to perform the lift since the silo’s weight exceeded the capacity of their in-house cranes.

Ransford Engineering's custom-designed below-the-hook lift fixture. The fixture is attached securely to the oil and gas silo, ready for the engineered lift.


The successful completion of this complex below-the-hook lift for the oil and gas silo stands as a testament to Ransford Engineering’s expertise in engineered lifts and stress analysis. Their dedication to providing top-notch engineering calculations and designing custom fixtures ensures that even the most challenging projects can be accomplished with finesse and precision. If you have a unique engineering challenge that demands the highest level of technical proficiency, don’t hesitate to contact Ransford Engineering. With their unparalleled services in engineering calculations and engineered lifts, you can trust them to turn your vision into reality.

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