Boeing 787 Custom Scaffolding Platform

United Airlines needed a dedicated, adjustable work platform to do routine maintenance on the landing gear of their 787 Dreamliners, and Ransford Engineering designed a completely customized solution. Consulting directly with the end users: the aircraft mechanics themselves, we took the time to discover their exact needs and fully understand the problems they were facing. Safety was of the utmost concern for everyone, and we incorporated several features to make the platform easy to use and safe at the same time, verifying requirements specified in OSHA 1926.451 General Requirements for Scaffolding. Preliminary design documents including 3D Sketches and a Product Specification were put together to effectively communicate the design requirements and make sure all the stakeholders were on the same page. From there, we put together the necessary engineering calculations to size the scissor mechanisms and other parts of the design, created a working 3D model in Solidworks, drafted piece part drawings for each component, and made detailed weldment and assembly drawings. Doing our best to think holistically through every detail of the design, we included many convenience features that significantly improved the design, such as removable handrails, a tow hook for pulling by a tug, floor locking mechanisms, rotation locking caster wheels, easy to raise folding stair handrail, soft bumpers to protect the aircraft, and storage space for handrails during transport.
Fabrication and assembly were performed by a fantastic local fab shop, CALE Engineering.

Ransford Engineering

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